Needs Automation

This album contains  pictures showing places where automation could help people reach destinations on time.

Italy is such a dynamic place that I inmediately notice new situations soon after landing at the airport.  Train stations, in all countries, are characterized for having a clock in each platform, but, I was puzzled by my local station showing clocks with different times. I was puzzled because Firenze-Castello is the station used by the scientific community going to the Polo Scientifico of the University of Florence.

I thought such events happens only when trains reach speeds close to the speed of light (300,000 Km/s) .  It is true that trains in Tuscany travel faster than the trains in California, but still very far from getting close to the speed of light. Passengers in trains traveling in opposite directions read different times to get the impression of traveling near light speeds, may be, it is a trick for justifying the high priced tickets for the fast trains.

Note: The digital date and time shown in each picture is the time for the PST time zone (9 hours behind). 

© Andres Albanese 2012