Aux Channels


Aux channels serve to communicate beween the automation and the burglar alarm systems.  The burglar alarm is capable of triggering about 20 automations with changes of the status.  There are 15 possible channels that the burglar alarm interpret. Most installers do not know that they are 6 additional ausiliary channels to use for free.

Table of configurations to use for Aux=10 to Aux=15

  • 10=OFF 
  • 11=SLA 
  • 12=GEN=||M 
  • 13=GR 
  • 14=AMB=CEN 
  • 15=PUL=AUX 

In the direction from the burglar alarm system to the automation system, the AUX channels are comonly used to trigger e-mail in the web server.  In this later case se server responds only to changes in the first 9 AUX channels.

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