AC Distribution

The house powering distribution has four sections controlled by step by step relays. There are Laundry, Kitchen, Day, and Night sections controlled by four switches configured like shutters that show the status of the sections. The sections are controlled with commands of the shutter type (Up or Down).


There is additional section called preferential line that is always energized. It includes refrigerator, home automation, network, and telephone equipment. The preferential section has a motor, STOP&GO, to arm and disarm the Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI).  The STOP&GO automatically try to arm the GFI, no more than twice, and it can also be controlled remotely using a home automation switch to reboot the house in case the network or any of computers of the home automation remains lock and it does not respond. The F89CMD indicates also the status of the GFI (Up or Down).


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