MotorizedValve Auto77=[DOWN, STOP, UP]




  • When Giardino=ON or Serra=ON  Execute MotorizeValve=UP
  • When Giardino=OFF Only_if Serra=OFF Execute MotorizedValve=DOWN
  • When Serra=OFF Only_if Giardino=OFF Execute MotorizedValve=DOWN


The Giardino and Serra electro valves are controlled as lights, and the motorized valve is controlled as a shutter. 

1) When any of the irrigation electro valves is turned  ON the irrigation  motorized valve automatically is turned UP, the irrigation water is shut ON

2) When both irrigation valves are turned OFF the irrigation  motorized valves is automatically turned DOWN, the irrigation water is shut OFF.



The irrigation hardware for the zones is made of plastic material and the components brake every two years. Therefore, I opted to install a metal motorized valve to close the irrigation water when the irrigation is OFF and release the water pressure of the plastic components of the zones. This way,  the plastic components are under pressure only when the irrigation is ON.

© Andres Albanese 2012