The power distribution of the house is divided into 5 areas each with its own breaker box:

1. Preferential line to feed the appliances that are allways connected, alarm systems, home controllers, network and telephone equipment, servers, refrigerator, dishwasher, and lights in entrance hall and main corridor.

2. A Day line to feed power  into the living room and home theater

3. The Night line to feed power into the bedrooms and bathrooms.

4. A Landry line to feed the appliances in the laundry room.

5. A kitchen line to feed all kitchen appliance except the refrigerator, dishwasher, and computer that connected to the preferential line.

The preferential line has additional protection, STOP&GO, that trys to reset twice the GFI (Ground Fault Interruptor) automatically. The STOP&GO can be operated remotely using the home automation system that is alway ON because is fed y backup batteries charged by either a 100 Wp solar panel or the electrical energy as backup. The preferential line can be reset (turned ON and OFF) by the alarm system, and the home automation.

The air conditioners can consume up to 4 KWh when they are always ON,, like at start time. We have a load control device to avoid exceeding the electrical energy peak contract with the provider. There are 5 controllable switches with different priorities that switch the loads automatically OFF group of equipment according to priorities to avoid black uot.  There are two sockects that usually provide the power to irons that are among the highest priority to be turned  OFF to avoid a black out condition.

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