mhSpy - Switch

This is a "SUPER SWITCH" built along the principles of My Home Spy and Apple software:  A "virtual switch" with  simple configuration  (one letter, and one click),  SAY NO!!! to the nightmare of entering the types for all your switches .... make it simple for the user and let the computer work for you.

Simple configuration: You enter only the IP address, of you gateway once, and you are done.  All the lights and their status are sorted in one list.

In this case, the mhSpy lists all lights and it  offers the option of changing their status.  Here is a screen shot after opening the application.

 The list shows all lights without PUL configuration, the ligths are sorted by their status (first are the OFF lights, and last are the ON lights), and by the APL value.

The user selects all the lights that wishes to change their status, multiple selections are allowed,  and then then by pressing a single click on Switch all the lights change status.  The selected lights that were ON are turned OFF and the selected lights that were OFF are turned ON. And a new screen shows up with the changes.  You must try, quite simple to use.  I love numbers but I will add the capability to enter the device names soon.

ATTENTION:  It is advisable to configure the switches that are used for door opening and other control functions beside lighting in PUL mode.  This application ignores the switches with PUL configuration.


© Andres Albanese 2012