In a smart house the synergy among the different systems can improve security beyond the capability of the security system acting along.  Home automation can detect an unusual command sequence when a user enters home, which is an event unusual enough to alert a neighbor or a relative to signal that something is wrong. Below is a list of hardware and software implementations.

  1. Shutters. The terrace shutters at certain time of day close automatically and there is a danger of being trapped in the terrace.  An exterior switch enables to open the perimeter door shutters only when the alarm is not active. 
  2. Irrigation. There a motorized valve to manage the irrigation water.  The irrigation motorized valve opens automatically when the electro valves for the garden and winter house are ON. Solution: in the past some plastic valve burst open due to thermal variations of the plastic under pressure.
  3. Water Loss. Control that no water is dripping when leaving the house.  Water leaks may be far away from the sensors.  It is better to check the water flow.
  4. Air Ventilation. Every time someone goes to the bath room fresh air is push into the house.  This positive pressure causes the air to exit by the bathroom  and kitchen exhausts.  A daily change of air in the house keep the house fresh and easier to clean.
  5. WC irrigation. To avoid the syphons to dry up for lack of use, the WC and the shower are irrigated during 5 minutes every week.
  6. GEN OFF. Turn off all lights in the house by pressing the switch twice in 3 seconds.
  7. Path. Press ON the wall switch to activate the lights to the bathroom in case there is a need to get up in the middle of the night.
  8. Bathroom. Keep the light of the corridor On as an indication that a person enter the bathroom.  Turn of the corridor after a delay when the person exist the bathroom.
  9. Shutter FPC. Raise the shutters only partially when there is a pilot light ON.  This avoids to irradiate the room abruptly.
  10. Indiana Jones. The first time you enter in the house after deactivating the alarm, after 20 seconds delay the burglar alarm executes a panic call. Unless a sequence of lights are turn on in disable correct order.
  11. Fibonacci. Turn several lights ON following a pseudo random sequence.
  12. Open House. Entrance courtesy light goes on temporarily (10 minutes) when the door opens up or when the burglar alarm is disable.
  13. Close House. Turn OFF the zones Kitchen and Laundry, and home theater when leaving the house. All the lights are turned off when the house alarm is set or after pressing the scenario Close House.
  14. Day. Rise the shutters in the day zone only
  15. Night. Lower all shutters for privacy.
  16. Front Door IR. When there the IR sensor detect a visitor at the front door, rings the bell, turns the stairs light.  The camera will send automatically an email with an image.

© Andres Albanese 2012