To download any of the apps below you need to click on its bold title. These applications are written using Applescript  and are saved as a run only application.  The application stores the values of the variables to memorize the variables after rebooting of the computer.

mhSpy - Switch 

mhSpy - My Home Spy (App for mac)

Integrates shell OWN commands, scripts, and Apple computer applications. More ...

mhSpy - Gateways (App for mac)

Checks the responses of my homes gateways. The App stores the IP addresses and the names of several gateways that present in a my home implementation. More ...

mhSpy - Clocks (App for mac)

Check the time and dates of several my home gateways. The App stores the iP addresses, the names, the times, time zone and dates of the gateways present in the home. More ...

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