Shutter FPC


  • When AUX_6=ON Only_if LIGHT_15=ON Execute SHUTTER_16=STOP; AUX_6=OFF


  • The shutter alarm interface L4612 is configured with the auxiliary channel AUX_6 to go ON after a motion of two bars. 
  • The scenario stops the movement of the shutters only when the room light is ON and when they have moved two bars.


  • When the light is ON the shutter moves two bars every time the shutter key is pressed.


  • When closing the house, shutters are raised and closed sequentially to have the shutter  closed but in the  expanded bars position to avoid the room to be completely dark during the day.


  1. At nights and evenings when the lights are ON, it is advisable for privacy not to open the shutters completely. 
  2. In the morning, when a person is still in bed, the shutters may be opened slowly by turning a light first.

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