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Personal story. One day, out of the blue, I got a friendly call from the support center of My Home Web Portal saying that I have a strange timing problem in my home system, but that they could not figure out the exact problem. I guess that they did not have the tool I will show you next ....

mhSpy - Gateway Version 2 - with Time and Date.

Download it for free.  Gateway 2 lists all the gateways and it shows their times and dates as shown in the xext figure:

DOWNLOAD application by clicking here

This figure is worth studying carefully.  After configuring the names and testing each IP address the application returns the times and dates for each gateway during the test. 

  1. The L4684.Servizi, the Touch Screen in Florence, did not responded because it is not configured as a gateway, but it did not show any errors in the connection. The L4684 exists in the LAN, it answered and close the connection at the port 20000 .
  2. The two gateways that responded in Italy (The Web Video Server F452V and the Programmer Scenarios MH200N) show similar times and dates with a 10 second difference, the time it took to do the test..  But BINGO !!! the two devices, that are in the same home, show being in different time zones.  The are now in sync but at one time the should fight among themselves ( Are we in England or Italy?).  Is this a real problem?  May be the staff may provide some light in case I decide no to modify the clock setting.Therefore, I  will not be surprised if I received another call from the support center. 
  3. The MH200N and the L4684 in Berkeley were smuggle from Italy in the suitcase. I forgot to change the time zone, the Berkeley time is correct and Italian time is wrong.  There are 9 hour difference in the time zone between Berkeley and Florence, in spite of being only 0.150 sec away, the ping delay in the internet is about 300 msec.
  4. The time information of the L4684 does not show the time zone field, probably it does not care.  And what about the clock of the alarm system?
  5. There is further spying to do, may be improving mhSpy. How do we find remotely which one of the gateways was configured as a master and which one is programmed as a slave? Which one should be the master slave, I though I had the alarm system as a master, but does the alarm central 3486 has time zones? 
  6. I believe the timing difference and the different time zone needs a solution.

© Andres Albanese 2012