Aux Channels


In the spirit of maximizing the use and the benefits of an existing MyHome installation, I am disclosing six additional auxiliary channels that are not "OFFICIALLY VALIDATED BY BT" in spite of being compatible with the existing hardware  , and not the software.  

The six "HIDDEN AUX" are implemented using the BLUE configurators for the number as shown in table below:

AUX 10 = OFF 

AUX 11 = SLV 

AUX 12 =GEN,llM 

AUX 13 = GR 



I have tested these configurators to work in places were we normally use the auxiliary channels with the green configurators (1-9). Below is a list of the modules, I have tested to work OK: L4651/2, L4652/2 and L4652/3 A=AUX PL=1-15 L4651/2 A=1-9 PL=1-9 AUX=1-15 L4610, L4612, and L4612/12 Z=1-8 N=1-9 AUX=1-15 I have an early (old) implementation of my home and I have used all the "OFFICIAL" 9 auxiliary channels. 

The existance of 6 new auxiliary channels has been of great help to my installation because, with a very little effort on my part, I use the new hidden channels as events for automations in the Alarm Central (3486) to turn ON lights with the IR sensors and alarm contact interfaces. I am using the regular auxiliary channels from 1-9 to signal the F452V to send an E-mail when they go ON. A hidden auxiliary signal can be generated by pressing a key in one of the command modules listed above, the automation in the alarm central can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system, to partialize a zone, or to execute an open frame command. To my knowledge most of the software from BT does include only AUX values from 1 to 9, but, believed or not, the frames travel in the SCS bus as open frames *9*1*N* and *9*0*N* , for N=1 to 15. 

The hidden auxiliary signals pass transparently by the F422 interfaces and are being seen and interpreted by the alarm central 3486 and may be other models. But the auxiliaries channels, to my knowledge, are not relayed by the gateways like the F452V of possibly the MH200N. 

Here, the is a picture of a "feasible" but "NON OFFICIAL" configuration to test the generation of HIDDEN AUXs in the SCS bus. I said feasible because the command modules accept the configuration by turning all LEDs green, and glow orange when a key is pressed. You can use the MySweetHome software to see the all the auxiliary channels in the bus, and you can program several automations in the alarm central to use these HIDDEN AUXILIARY channels. 

AUX channels and triggers:

  1. Atrio IR
  2. Stairs IR
  3. Laundry IR
  4. Private IR
  5. SCS Power Supplies IC
  6. Windows and Terrace Doors IC
  7. Shutters IC
  8. Rain Sensor IC
  9. House Secured
  10. (OFF) Lab IR
  11. (SLV) Lab IC
  12. (GEN) Bell IC
  13. (GR) Ingresso IR
  14. (AMB) Atrio_Door IC
  15. (PUL) Sala IR

© Andres Albanese 2012