One of the strong features of MyHome is the automation system with commands for opening and closing the shutters.  In my home I have 11 shutters, one for each terrace window and door. Every room has at least one shutter to provide light management, privacy, and security. Each shutter has a motion sensor, Art. 3514, that is coupled to contact interface L4612/12 capable of triggering the alarm system or sending an auxiliary signal when the shutter moves an excess of two bars. One may increase the sensitivity of the motion sensor to one bar by lying out the rope as in a movable pulley, to double the travel distance of the shutter. The shutter switches, Art. F411/2, can be configured in several modalities when a command key L4652/3  is pressed to command Up or Down the shutter. Using the MH200N,  I was able to write a program to stop the shutter movement soon after the auxiliary signal is detected only_if a courtesy light is ON.

Automation: To open a shutter automatically using FPC in the morning we have to automate the following events:

  1. 1.Turn ON the courtesy light
  2. 2.Rise the shutter
  3. 3.Turn OFF the courtesy light

The above three steps can be repeated to keep raising the shutter, 2 bars at a time, until it is time to get up and the shutter open to full position with a single command: shutter UP.


There two possible mode (M) configurations of the switches to operate the shutters.

  1. 1.Monostable, where the shutter moves only when the key is pressed up or down, and
  2. 2.Bistable, where the shutter moves all the way up or down when the key is pressed once.

FPC - Fine Position Control

The shutters normally are set to travel to the all the way UP or all-the-way DOWN, and they can be STOP at any time by pressing the key a second time while the shutter is moving. It is very disturbing in the morning to open the shutters al the way, therefore, one may desire to rise the shutter only one bar at a time to regulate finely the amount of light entering the room.

I use simple scenarios in the MH200N to finely adjust the opening of the shutters at night or their closing in the morning.  This regulation is very important in the summer to avoid heating the rooms facing the sun in the morning. The fine adjustment of the shutters is achieved by using the AUX signal from the contact interfaces 3514 associated with the shutters.  When a shutter moves up or down the AUX signal goes ON as part of a security feature. There is an L4612/12 to manage the rise of the shutters Using the MH200N, I have done an automation to turn a light ON for 15 seconds when the shutters move to have temporary lighting when I enter or leave the house.  The following automations are used to finely control the opening and close of the shutter in a room. The 11 shutters are addressed individually and in two groups: day and night.  A predefined light L7 command key, near the shutter command key, is used to enable the fine control in the following way:

CEN AUXON: When Aux7=ON, Execute AUX7=OFF

CEN GR5: When Aux7=ON, Only_if L7, Execute GR5=STOP

CEN GR6: When Aux7=ON, Only_if L7, Execute GR6=STOP

 Adding the three scenarios above enable the fine adjustments of the shutters using a single light .


  1. 1.Can I do the scenarios without the MH200 or MH200N?
  2. 2.Can I do the scenarios above with the F420 or the L4684?

© Andres Albanese 2012