Automation is of great help to control the water flow for the plants, house, and laundry. Water in a closed house can cause damages when a pipe burst.  It is important to irrigate the plants according to season schedules, keep flushing the toilets and sinks frequently to avoid bad odors caused by dry syphons.

In this section we explain how the home automation system may be used for water management.  The water flow can be monitored using impulse water meter, impulse sensors, and a Color Touch Screen to display the water usage.  The water flow is controlled by solenoid and motorized valves.  Solonoid valves are energized when the water is flowing, therefore, they are used for short flow durations.  Motorized valves are energized to change their status between open and close.

The iirigation system is divided into two zones: garden(57) and serra (59). The garden is enable or disable by the rain sensors.  The serra is  also used to irrigate inside the WC inside the house to avoid the syphons to dry.  Automations in the MH200N turns ON the irrigation motorized valves during the time the solenoid valves are ON.

Rains Sensors.  There is a rain sensor (on-lin) that disable the activation of the garden electrovalves when the rain sensor switch is opened. There is also an additional sensor that can be monitored to find out if there is rain.

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